Going blind with wheat

Going blind with wheat

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Old Fitzgerald 15

Everybody has their own opinion and mine is that good bourbons shouldn't sit on a shelf collecting dust, they should be shared with equally good friends. With a recent acquisition of a sample of Old Fitzgerald 15 and an unopened bottle, let's go!.

(Tasting takes place at 6:30pm Sept 13).

The lineup

Old Weller Antique 107

  • Buffalo Trace Distillery
  • 107 Proof
  • $50 Retail
  • NAS, believed to aged 6 to 8 years
  • Sweet and unusual floral notes and coupled with vanilla. The taste is very well balanced with sweet fruit notes, strong vanilla undertone and sharp spicy tones, with a cinnamon finish.

Old Fitzgerald 15 Bottled in Bond

  • Heaven Hill Distillery
  • 100 Proof
  • $150 Retail
  • Aged 15 years
  • 75% corn, 20% wheat, 5% malted barley
  • Starts with the spices that were in the nose but becomes soft and gentle with honey and cake notes. Vanilla and oak follow with a delicious caramel tail.

Boone County Cask Strength Single Barrel

  • Boone County (sourced from MGP)
  • OHLQ pick BCW025
  • 118 Proof
  • $100 Retail
  • Aged 7 years
  • 51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% malted barley
  • Mild nose and hints of vanilla and candied oak, sweet with slight caramel and butterscotch notes. Smooth finish.

Maker's Mark 46

  • Maker's Mark
  • 94 Proof
  • $40 Retail
  • NAS, around 6 years
  • 70% corn, 16% wheat, 14% malted barley
  • Very intense flavors; a big crescendo of wood blending perfectly with deep, complex and rich notes of vanilla and caramel

Fiddler unison

  • ASW Distillery
  • 90 Proof
  • Batch 4
  • $40 Retail
  • NAS, suspected 2 to 4 years
  • Marriage of MGP wheated (51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% malted barley) and double pot still ASW high-malt (55% corn, 45% malts of rye, wheat, oats, and barley)
  • Bursting with toffee, honey, and green apple, with wonderful baking spices on the finish

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