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Transform Your Tasting Journey with Bourbon Trading Co. We’re not just creating custom, premium products; we’re redefining the tasting experience. Imagine every sip being not just a drink, but a story, an adventure, a memory. That’s our promise to you. With unparalleled craftsmanship and a relentless focus on detail, we ensure each piece isn’t only visually stunning but enriches your tasting adventure. Ready to elevate your or your clients' experience to extraordinary?

Our Partners' success stories

Each image is a testament to the transformative experiences we’ve crafted alongside our partners. From unique bourbon tasting adventures to bespoke product designs, these success stories highlight the potential for your business to stand out and captivate your audience. Let's create your success story.

Trusted Industry Leaders

Our dedication to excellence is recognized by the best in the business. These icons of industry have chosen us as their partner in elevating the bourbon tasting experience. Join the ranks of the distinguished and transform your offerings with our custom, premium products.

Transform Your Bourbon Tasting Into An Adventure

Unlock the secrets of bourbon like never before with the BTCo Bourbon Tasting Toolkit. More than just tools, this set is your gateway to becoming a bourbon aficionado. Crafted from the finest American hickory, it features an engraved tasting board that’s not just a piece of wood but a roadmap to over 70 tasting notes. Accompanied by four exquisite tasting glasses and a comprehensive guide, this toolkit is designed to elevate your tasting sessions, turning each sip into a journey of discovery. Experience the full spectrum of bourbon's complexity and savor flavors you never knew existed. Ready to deepen your love for bourbon? Dive into the essence of this storied spirit with our toolkit.

Beautiful custom flight boards. Love them! Great communication throughout my ordering process. Highly recommend!!


Who we are

BTCo Founder, Matt Snyder, brings his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating great tasting experiences to every project. From discovering your style to designing custom products your guests will love, we will ensure that your products aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also a reflection of the quality of your brand.

Cincoro Tequila

Game Changing

Cincoro is redefining the game with their Tequilas, so we redefined how tasting notes could be presented. Made from Mahogany and accented with precision engraved acrylic, this tasting board reflects the sophistication and elegance of the Cincoro brand.

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