Whiskey Blending Infinity Decanter
Whiskey Blending Infinity Decanter
Whiskey Blending Infinity Decanter
Whiskey Blending Infinity Decanter

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Whiskey Blending Infinity Decanter

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Combine with glasses:Just the decanter
Blend your favorite whiskey and create your own Infinity Bottle!

What is an Infinity Bottle?
An infinity bottle, which also may be referred to as a “fractional,” “solera,” or “living” bottle, is the continual combination of Whiskeys from one’s personal collection. The general idea is that you take the last ounce or two from every whiskey or bourbon bottle that you drink, and pour it into a single bottle.

This creates a very personal, never-ending, ever-changing, one-of-a-kind blend. The flavor profile of the infinity bottle is constantly in flux, evolving as it “lives” forever with each new Whiskey introduction. It is an experiment in home-blending where you set the rules and blend at your own discretion.

Some keep different infinity bottles for each style of whiskey—one for Bourbon, one for Rye, one for Irish, and so forth—while others go wild and add everything into one bottle. As the name suggests, there’s no end to the infinity bottle, and some distilleries have infinity bottles or barrels they’ve been maintaining for generations.
Could yours become a family heirloom?

Our Infinity Bottle is a premium 750ml glass bottle with a glass stopper.
The bottle is engraved on the front and back and includes the 2021 infinity logo.
Liquor not included. Two Premium Spey Dram glasses are optional.